Caldwell, Texas

Tittle Club Lambs is a small flock of medium wool sheep started in 1999 with original genetics from Nathan Wise (Joe Harrell: #8, Twister, Mojo) and Todd Vineyard (Martha White and Joe Harrell: Bodacious). Additional genetic influences from Guy Glasscock (Venom), Mark Herod (Fugley), Kevin Newsome (One-Eyed Jack son) and Barton Club Lambs have been introduced.

Our typical lambing season begins in late January and continues through early April providing lambs for fall, winter and early spring shows. Lambs are sold on a "first-come, first-served" basis at the house.

A note of thanks is offered to Craig and Holly Jentsch ( for keeping my ewes at their place in the beginning.


Cullen "Dusty" Tittle (979) 567-3117


Tittle Club Lambs

Cullen "Dusty" Tittle
(979) 567-3117
Caldwell, Texas